The full name of Kukes is Kukesi i Ri (New Kukes). The original town was engulfed in 1976, by the waters of the large artificial lake (area 72.5 km) formed to supply the Fierza Hydropower station. The town of Kukes has a population of 12000 inhabitants. 

Ferry Fierze-Koman through the Albanian Alps

Kukes is completely new, built during the 70's. The old town of Kukes is submerged under waters. This district is mainly mountainous. The highest peak is that of Gjalica (2480m). The mountains are covered by industrially important forests, the geological structure of the area has determined the existence of innumerable ores such as copper and chromium. The Highlanders in the region, are well known for their developed agriculture. 

Kukes has a carpet factory whose products are for domestic and trade use. There is also a copper processing factory as the raw material, copper, is found in this place. 

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